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Our Mission:

At Allure Dental we always listen to you. No only do we stay current on the latest advancements in Dentistry, but we also attempt to make it affordable. When you visit our office you will feel at home. Your comfort is top priority and we strive to meet and/or exceed your expectations. You will have a wide variety of music to listen to while having treatment done and in some cases, such as gettiing you teeth whitened, you can sit back and enjoy a movie.  

Your time is very valuable and that is why we offer a very wide range of dentistry including but not limited to: Implants, Veneers, White Fillings, Crowns, Wisdom Teeth Extractions, Root Canals, and Dentures. In most cases you can receive/start treatment on the same day.

Along with offering the latest and greatest in complete dental care, we also have created several options to assist you in getting the dentistry you deserve and need. Programs such as our Custom Smiles Plan (a Dental Discount/Rewards Plan) or Care Credit (Medical Credit Card) are readily avaliable to you the patient. We want you to focus on your teeth and health and not be burdened with either not having insurance or high fees. So please let us help you get back to health. 

Meet Our Team:

Dr. Mehr [Dentist] D.D.S


In 2015 Dr. Mehr trained at Harvard and Tufts in Dental Implants learning and understanding the standards heald by ITI. Dr. Mehr is very caring and dedicated to working with you  and your insurance to help maximize your insurance benefits. For Dr. Mehr, family comes first, and he will truly make every effort to make sure your family comes first! In addition Dr. Mehr attends several Dental Seminars and courses every year to help stay up to date on the most cutting edge dentistry available. Please don't hesitate to join our team at Allure Dental. 


At Allure Dental, Infection control very important to us. By meeting and exceeding the strict guidelines placed by the American Dental Association (ADA), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the Center for Disease Control (CDC), we are able to protect you the patient. We strictly maintain sterilization and process to prevent cross contamination. We use the the highest standards to always insure that your health is never compromised.


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