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Same Day Crown [CEREC]


By offering digital dentistry, you no longer have to wait for your crown. No more messy gue, no temporary crown needed, no 2-3 week wait for the permanent crown. You will now be able to walk out with your permanent crown the same day.

This clip is comical yet very informative. David Letterman describes his visit to the dentist. No worries Letterman we can do it all in one appointment now

Adult Cosmetic Braces [Six Month Smiles]

“Because Everyone should smile with confidence” Now we have an options for Adults who always wanted straighter teeth, but thought the window of opportunity has passed. With the advances in Dentistry we can now offer our patients straighter teeth before their next cleaning.

Dental Implants:

Thinking of getting Dental Implants??? Take a look at these videos. They will help explain the method and benefits of getting implant(s)

TMJ Pain

Now we offer the latest technology in caring for TMJ pain with out the need of surgery. 

Cavities and Fillings:

These are great videos showing how a cavity is formed and how we can “fill” them to match your natural tooth color.

Root Canal Treatment:

This video by MediaMed does a great job of providing information about why a “root canal” may be need and how it is done.

Plaque & Tarter:

This is an informative video detailing  why it is very important to take care of our teeth earlier in order to avoid costly treatment latter on.

Cracked Tooth:

What you should know and what you should do if you have a cracked tooth


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